The Future Of Cryptocurrency

in the era of 4.0 digichain was born by bringing an ease for everyone in carrying out their activities in the crypto world

We are trusted

we are currently working on several products, we have even launched several of our products including Digichain Wallet, and Digidex.


What is Digichain Wallet

with the name digichain wallet we are here to make it easier for you to store your assets safely and comfortably



store all your assets safely, and you can add assets that have not been registered systemically in digichain wallet.

Decentralize Exchange

in a wallet with facilitated swap feature that you can use on 4 networks, Binance, Ethereum, Solana, Matic.


with the dapps feature you can connect your wallet to a second party to do swaps and others, dapps in other words is a browser that is in the wallet.


All Markets

you can monitor or view all crypto assets that have been registered or listed in digichain wallet.

Live Chart

a chart movement in real time makes it easy for you to analyze, and we have this feature so you can see market movements in real time.

Top Loser & Gainer

display data on the most significant movement up or down a market for each coin or token,.

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What is Digichain Coin ?

DIGICHAIN Coin is a crypto asset that has the nickname "binance killer," a future of the world of crypto currency, Digichain Coin has a project that adapts to all the needs of people's activities in the crypto world.

now a platform or application for a multichain wallet and a decentralize exchange platform has been launched , in the future DIGICHAIN will stand alone on the DIGI SMART CHAIN ​​network, a blockchain that will be created by the DIGICHAIN ​​Coin Team.

See WhitePaper

Watch our Digichain Wallet

an introduction of digichain wallet.

Watch our Usecase

an introduction of digichain usecase.

Digichain " Top 50 Cryptocurrency "

how digichain can be ranked in the top 50 cryptocurrencies.

Real project

we have a real project, in fact we have launched 2 products at once, digichain wallet and digidex (decentralize exchange).

what products will be worked on?

we create products or platforms that can make it easier for users to carry out activities in the crypto world.

what are the advantages of digichain over other crypto assets?

digichain coin comes with a hope that is useful for crypto users, products that are launched one by one have a very good and precise function

where did digichain start?

digichain was founded by a small community that has skills in their respective fields in March 2021, formed a team and developed a concept and product that can be used now and in the future.

Our Team

Michael YA


Thommy Chain